The best pool party is a SAFE pool party

You and your guests can have the confidence and security that a Certified Red Cross Lifeguard will be on duty to protect the pool area. We are available year round from the smallest to the largest pool party. LifeGuard4Rent can supply as many lifeguards as needed for your event.  We suggest one lifeguard per fifteen kids. 

  • Sunday BBQ
  • Birthday Party
  • Community Pool Event
  • Above Ground Pool
  • Built in Pool
  • Hotel

We will arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the event to get set-up. Then we assess the swimming ability of the swimmers to keep everyone safe and your guests at ease.  While on deck, we are watching the water and monitoring the behavior of the environment. All of our Red Cross Certified lifeguards are certified in CPR and first aid. We are on time and professional and will be wearing a LifeGuard4Rent uniform.  We will also bring our own lifeguard safety float and a first aid kit.

LifeGuard4Rent is a service that guards the pool for any type of pool event, whether it is just a Sunday BBQ, a birthday party, or even a community pool event. It does not matter if your party is a small above ground pool, a big built in pool, or a pool party at a hotel– we are essential to your peace of mind by watching the swimmers at your pool party. Let’s keep it fun and SAFE so you and your guests can truly relax and enjoy your party.